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Become a Volunteer at Our Sanctuary

We have many local volunteers who visit the sanctuary to lend a hand. Volunteers come individually and in groups as well. Schools, church groups, civic organizations, animal advocacy groups are frequent visitors to the shelter and their contributions are truly appreciated.

We also have many local and international companies who make annual employee treks to the sanctuary armed with medicines, food, cleaning supplies. In addition, our volunteers walk dogs and spend time loving on our animals which is very important for their well-being. The shelter is also a popular destination point for international travelers who want their Costa Rican vacation to include a deeply satisfying volunteer component. What a great way to create memories while making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats taken off the streets of Costa Rica and given a second chance.

Remember, visits can be (may be) tax-deductible if you file U.S. Taxes. Note: Always best for U.S. taxpayers and volunteers from other countries to consult your accountant for your tax options.

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